Abbott: Improving health through better data (, 2019)

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Abbott is headquartered in Abbott Park, Illinois, United States, an American multinational healthcare and medical equipment corporation. Business established initially in 1888 to formulate drugs; now they market medical equipment, diagnostics, generic branded drugs, and nutritional goods (Wikipedia Contributors, 2019). Abbott well-known market leader for glucose monitoring devices, blood and plasma screening, remote heart failure monitoring, chronic pain devices, and many others. Dr. David Spindell, Abbott’s vice president of medical and clinical affairs at the Tech Health conference for the Wall Street Journal in San Francisco, said, AI and data analysis help us gain insights into health care. It allows us to build solutions for unmet needs by seeking some main insights. We can’t avoid using machine learning to fine-tune those products (, 2019).

From heart disease to cancer predictions to understanding difficulties in diagnosing a mild traumatic brain injury. Abbott has created a more robust algorithm that needs no testing and acknowledges that different healthcare systems have specific risk tolerances to help predict and diagnose heart attacks (Kelly, 2019). AI and big data have the potential to alter major medical issues in all markets. Abbott spent a long time working on that. Therefore, they have achieved many of the greatest goals in the field of medical devices, Spindell added. (, 2019).

Abbott has done considerable work in tracking patient living conditions such as reading glucose in the bodies of patients now being done by a new generation of linked continuous glucose monitoring tools, replacing the old way of self-reporting glucose using fingerstick and often leading to inaccurate results. Using AI and Data analysis provide all reminder about taking insulin or not helps patients and doctors improve their lives (, 2019).

MedTech is currently a booming area of Artificial Intelligence adoption. Still, Abbott has many unmet goals to achieve. They work on several other products from MedTech to create data-driven connected devices and ecosystems that offer new insights into a health condition. Not only Abbott but the MedTech industry will harness Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to make our lives simpler and safer than ever before.


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